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Colonic Irrigation Procedure

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A colon irrigation procedure is basically the cleansing of old fecal matter and harmful toxins from your colon. The colonic irrigation procedure requires specific elements to perform the procedure. You need a colonic board, surgical tubing and a siphon bucket. You really need to purchase a colonic irrigation kit.

The colonic irrigation procedure is a method that has been used for centuries and continues in the form of a colonic irrigation. Essentially the colonic irrigation procedure flushes water from a bucket via gravity and then passes through surgical tubing. It then runs through a rectum tub that is inserted into the rectum about 2-3 inches inside and flushes the colon. It then exits the rectum excreting all the harmful toxins and fecal matter.

The colonic irrigation procedure set up takes about 5 minutes. You place the board on a chair. You set the bucket on a stool or the toilet system. You then lay down on the board and you irrigation is ready to go. The actual colonic irrigation flushing procedure takes between 40-50 minutes. So it is quite a long time but tit is definitely worth it.