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Colonic irrigation is the only way to clear your colon from years of bad diet and fats in your food. Waste clogs up your passage causing numerous health issues and complaints. Even if your not finding any health issues now, "prevention is better than cure" and cleaning your colon will keep you fit and healthy for a long time.

Are you clean inside?

We clean our body's everyday with soap and water? Why would we not clean our insides out? Our "outer" cleanse is probably less important to our health than an internal colon cleanse. All our nutrients are drawn internally and not externally. External cleansing, like washing your hair is great for appearance and will keep you hygienic but you body needs an internal cleanse to flush out the impurities that we consume every day. We also try to look out best by not being over-weight. A colonomic irrigation is great for weight loss as it allows future waste to pass through our systems more easily. If you suffer from constipation, bloating, skin issues, weight problems, intestinal problems or fatigue? If you have answered yes to any of these symptoms, then you would definitely like to read further. If you are prone to cancer then you would definitely like to read further too. A colonic irrigation can reduce your risk of colon cancer by upto 80%.

Death Begins in the Colon

The colon is and important part of the digestive system. You need to keep it clean. Autopsies done by medical examiners have shown that most of the time a colon is check it is 80% full of toxic waste. This impairs not only your health but depletes your skin. Another very concerning issue with a polluted colon is that it can help develop colon cancer. Colon cancer is the number 2 killer of all the cancers. We need to learn to take preventative measures on a regular bases to ensure limited cancer possiblities.

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Why Colon Cleanse?

We are all polluting our body's everyday. We do so by what we eat, by breathing polluted air and drinking the drink we drink. We use prescribed drugs on a regular bases and that adds to the toxic pollution we put into our bodies. Studies show that the body cannot excrete the toxins hat we consume or ingest. Out body accumulates all of these toxins and byproducts and the sit for infinite period of time.

Symptoms | Colon Cleanse

What Colonic Irrigation option is there?

With colonic irrigation, there are several ways to proceed with your cleanse. You can use herbal products that you take orally or you can flush the toxins out with a home colonic irrigation kit. The latter is the most powerful way of doing it and is done by thousands of people every month. This is the best way to flush out the polluted toxins from your intestines. You can do a colonic irrigation cleanse in a clinic or you can do it form the comfort of you own home. There are several companies selling home colonic irrigation kits and I would do my research and buy a kit that you can use in the privacy of you own home. With your own colonic irrigation kit you have the option of doing it when you want to and as many time that you want to. In addition, you can share parts of the kit with your family for them to do there own colonic irrigation, like the colonic board and the water bucket. Each person would need there own surgical tubing. We have great success with


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