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Colonic irrigation equipment is categorized in two categories, professional units and home units. Let's discus the difference between the two sets of colonic irrigation equipment.

The professional system is typically done in a colonic irrigation clinic. The equipment is typically larger in size and involves motorized equipment. This type of equipment involves multi stage water purification system so that the flushing water is extremely pure and clear of all toxins. These systems or pieces of equipment are closed systems and allow for the contaminated water to be flushed down a drain without the visual of the bad water or the odor of the water being smelt. The other difference between this type of cleanse compared to the home equipment is that it is typically administered by a trained Hydrotherapist. Which has its pros and cons, but there needs to be someone monitoring your cleanse throughout the entire process. Some people are okay with this but most people find it embarrassing. My research has it that the colonic hydrotherapist even does some massaging techniques to helps dislodge your fecal matter. Pressure is increased by a power driven motor with air and water. This does help to increase power of the cleanse.

The home colonic irrigation equipment is a simple yet effective method. The equipment comes with a specially designed board hat you lie on. It has a specific design to it which includes and run off cavity for the flushing water to excrete in the toilet. It ha a funnel like part that houses the surgical tubing for the water to drain through. The water is controlled through a clamp, which "pinches" the tubing and stops the flow when needed. It is safe and is very simple and can be done by yourself in the privacy of your own home.

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