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In the good old days cleansing you colon was not just done by going to the toilet for a bowel movement. People used to insert hollowed water reeds in themselves and used to do enemas. This was probably a painful experience. Then cleanse developed into a basic enema. This used to be a standard procedure and was frequently done and administered at home. Why have we become so closed off to even talk about an enema or a colon cleanse. This is such an important part of body preservation that we need to be discussing it and we need to be doing colonic irrigation.

Colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy is not a myth and has been acknowledged by many doctors and specialists as a necessary action to a healthy lifestyle. You are able to do a colonic irrigation in one of two colonic irrigation units. You get an open colonic irrigation unit and you get a closed colonic irrigation units. The main difference is that with the open colonic irrigation unit is that it is not closed off and you can smell the waste. With a closed unit is exactly what it says, it is a closed off unit and it blocks off the smells etc. Theses are done at colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy clinics. The new way that everyone is enjoying these days is home colonic irrigation kits. This is an open colon board that you do yourself. The best part about this is that you can do this colon cleanse in the privacy of your own home and you can easily administer this at your own leisure. This is the newest way to go if you want to buy a home colonic irrigation system.

Buying a home colonic irrigation system can be done online at Home Colonic. You will find they sell a very innovative system that will be used over and over again. They are other sites that do offer a kit but it can be just a piece of wood or hardboard where as this company supplies a patented Colema board that is by far the best that is out there.

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